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Terms of Service

Last updated: 24 June 2021

  1. The customer is not allowed to host spam websites, phishing websites and/or illegal files (copyrighted content...) on our servers. The use or presentation of any hacking methods is also prohibited..
  2. Hexahost provides a hosting service, not a storage service. Archive/backup/mirroring or other similar kind of usage is not accepted on our servers. The resources (Disk/bandwidth/RAM/CPU) provided should be used legitimately and reasonably.
  3. Pornographic websites are tolerated only if their content lies within the boundaries of law (no child pornography...). Websites of such kind should also prompt a disclaimer before accessing the content.
  4. On VPS plans, any illegal or suspicious activities (including network intrusion, hacking, sniffing, spoofing) is strictly prohibited. Support on these plans is also limited to hardware and network issues.
  5. In case of abuse, the account is suspended and will be reactivated upon contact with our support department. If an abuse situation repeats itself several times, it may be decided to definitely suspend the client's account without refund. The client will still be able to recover a backup of his data and transfer away his domain.
  6. Backups should be made regularly by the client. They can be easily done from the client's management panel. Hexahost can not be held responsible in case of data loss (hard drive failure or other). The client can be assisted with the initial configuration of its website (FTP, Admin panel, MySQL ...) and issues at the server level (downs...) but can not request support for advanced development tasks on its website.
  7. The affiliate program allows the customer to earn a commission for each affiliate who orders a product through the unique link. The commission will not be paid in the event of a fraudulent transaction, a refunded transaction, multi-account, and more generally if the affiliate is not a real third party to the client.
  8. A 99.9% availability is guaranteed every month for our Hosting services plans. If the uptime falls below 99.9% over a month, Hexahost undertakes to compensate the customer with one free extra month, upon request. The customer can only claim a compensation during the 30 days following the end of the said month.
  9. If using a stolen/fraudulent credit card, PayPal account or any other payment method, the account will be immediately terminated and all relevant informations will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities.
  10. Refunds If the Service is your first with us, we offer a period of up to 24 hours for VPS Hosting and 30 days for Web Hosting in which you may request a refund for your Service by creating a support ticket on our website. This excludes dedicated servers, installation fees and administration fees unless otherwise stated. During the time your Service is eligible for a refund, if your use of the Service violates this Agreement, you are ineligible for a refund. Refunds are not available through all payment gateways. In the event a refund is unavailable and/or not possible, account funds or "credits" will be provided. Cancelling your Service via our website will make that Service ineligible for a refund in future.

Hexahost is a protected trademark in Indonesia.
Hexahost is operated by UD. Syukur Kepadanya, a Indonesia corporation headquartered at Natameze, RT 007 RW 000, Boawae, Nagekeo - Indonesia 86462.

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